Three - Jay Posey
Buddy read with JennyJen, Faye and Angela. Needless to say, I am Steve Carell.

Welp. I can’t finish this. Not because I don’t want to (Jenny). Or because I quit (Angela). But because I’m a moron. My stupid digital edition of this never verified itself and so my ARC has expired and it’s now lost in the aether somewhere. I blame myself for not paying better attention. So three stars it is as I liked what I read in the hundred pages I was able to manage. 

I’ve seen some other reviews for this and I feel like it’s my duty to say a few words of advice here. If you can’t swim, don’t approach Three, as it will pick you up and lob you into the deep end without your floaties. But if you’ve had your literary swimming lessons via numerous fantasy or post apocalyptic books (NOT THE YA KIND), you should be fine with the method of world building within it. If not, you’ll likely be both lost and angry that it’s not more informative. 

You see, this book is a shower, not a teller. It doesn’t feed you page upon page of intricately woven alternate history. It doesn’t detail the downfall of mankind, the world’s current political systems or try to shove a moral down your throat about human greed. It dumps you bodily into a bleak yet technologically advanced future and expects you to take it as it is. 

Continuing along this vein, the descriptions of settings might be too subtle for some tastes as well. For me, they were perfect. Posey would mention heavy rust on the hinges of a thick metal door, the concrete shells of buildings, broken out windows and layers of grit and grime on sidewalks and my mind immediately began to paint the rest of this desolate world. With a few simple turns of phrase he had me seeing entire city blocks and subterranean complexes. 

Did I have a lot of unanswered questions? Yes. Was I still confused at times? Also, yes. My advice is to take notes.