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Bound By Night - Larissa Ione

Do you ever find yourself reading a book and have more questions than answers? Yeah. That. 

This book is a cluster fuck of confusion and inconsistencies and the premise seems utterly implausible. Yes, I know its fiction, but come the fuck on. Vampires enslaved by humans? Humans who are weaker than them in almost every way? That’s like me intimidating a magic-wielding Dwayne Johnson out of a wrestling ring by flexing at him. Not gonna fucking happen. 

Also, slavery? That’s where we go with this? 

“Oh lookie, vampires exist. I bet they’re excellent at answering doors and turning down a bed.”

I can understand the capturing them and studying them in the lab part but collaring them and letting them serve ice cream to your children? It seems as though all of humanity is TSTL in the future. We’re also all assholes since we obviously thought giving slavery another shot was a great fucking idea. Assholes. Every single one of us. Except of course our main characters. Psyche! Just kidding, they’re assholes too. 

Some might argue that Nicole, our female lead, isn’t really an asshole but that she’s stupid. Fine, you’re right. She’s a stupidasshole. She speaks out loud when she doesn’t realize she’s doing it, somehow manages to accidentally bite her lip until she bleeds (without feeling it) in front of a vampire, and oh did I mention she’s a doctor? That’s right folks, somehow this bumbling idiot made it through med school, so there’s hope for the rest of us! 

Hmmm, what else? Frankenscience abounds, female vampires are broodmares for the males, all women are weak and clumsy, all men are misogynists, rapists and violent AND I FUCKING QUIT.

If any of this is explained later on I missed it as I only managed to read fifty pages before The Rage took over. I just can’t deal with these bullshit themes over and OVER and OVER again.