Stolen - Lucy Christopher
This book. I read it. And it gave me feels. Sometimes the narrative. Drove me crazy. Sometimes The Ty. Drove me crazy. Sometimes The Gemma. Drove me crazy. Sometimes The Camel. Made me laugh. 

Okay, in all seriousness, if anyone wants a test for how much “crazy” they have, this book is it. All you have to do is find a piece of paper and something to write with and start making strike marks for every scene in which Gemma should attempt to KILL Ty. I think I got up to 27 or so, with each murder becoming more devious and creative than the last. Concerning, I know. I’m thinking about seeking professional help. 

Speaking of the man Gemma should have MURDERED, he remained a creepy, unstable bastard for me from the first page to the last. Every time I found myself starting to think that being trapped in the middle of nowhere with a rugged Aussie that, for the most part, fell somewhere in the tolerable side of the crazy/hot scale didn’t sound so bad, he’d do something truly disturbing like admit that the first time he felt attracted to her was when she had a near miss with sexual assault. Or admit that she looks like his mom. 

Christian? Is that you??? NOT AGAIN!

I had a lot of issues with Gemma too but they really weren’t her fault. She was your average city dwelling teenage girl with ZERO survival skills. She convinces herself that writing HELP in the desert sand won’t do any good, doesn’t think that the steel of the knife she hides is greater than the muscle of Ty and deludes herself when he starts telling her how long he’s been watching her. Why? He’s obviously batshit cray-cray, HE KIDNAPPED YOU! Let the man tell you about how fucked up he is so you won’t feel so bad when you finally cave to my demands and MURDER HIM. 

Also, her attempted escapes were laughable. You have all this free time and you can’t come up with anything better than running into an endless desert with no supplies or stealing a car? 

Here’s a thought, your captor admitted to having enough food stockpiled to last YEARS. Choose one of the 27 ways I suggested for you to kill him, KILL HIM, find the keys to the car, the spare gas, food and water and drive your ass out of the desert. Or just KILL HIM and chillax for a bit. Either way…KILL HIM. 

Regardless of my personal level of crazy, I was captivated by this book. I found myself constantly wondering how it would all play out, how it would end. And as much as I wanted to see that ending I wish it hadn’t come so soon. I wish the “Stockholm Syndrome” went further than it did. I feel that it really could have been explored to a greater depth. So in the end…meh. Not as good as I thought it would be but still an intriguing enough premise to warrant two stars.