Severed Stone

Severed Stone (Souls of the Stones, #2.5) - Kelly  Walker
I… Um… Huh…

I’m not really sure how to review this fairly. To be honest, the writing was really good. There were no story flow issues and I can’t remember even one grammatical error. 


I didn’t connect with these characters at all. 

The story takes place in the fictional land of Thaelestrar and centers around a girl named Ciorstan. Her mother is a witch and not the good kind. She’s evil enough to spell her own daughter and use her as a weapon to tear a kingdom apart in order to exact her revenge against a man (who happens to be a King) that spurned her when they were younger. 

This is basically a world full of assholes with three, maybe four people with some redeeming qualities. 

The queen is a cold hearted bitch with a giant schnoz courtesy of Ciorstan’s wonderful mother. The King is AFK the first three quarters of the book and treats his sons like garbage when he does finally show up. The flock of ninny-headed strumpets (totally just went ye olde school on your ass) assigned to guard Ciorstan don’t seem to have enough combined intelligence to turn a doorknob and the three (triplet) princes that Ciorstan’s mom sent her there to “seduce”? Where do I even begin? 

At first Selwyn seems like an arrogant jackass. He thinks that because he can swing a sword (heh heh) he’s fit to be a king. Then the spell that forces him to like/love Ciorstan is removed and you see that in actuality he’s a monster. Erwyn is a manwhore who paints pretty well. And Fidwen is a sorcerer that craves recognition and respect.

For whatever reason Ciorstan is torn between the three of them. For whatever reason each of them wants her. I couldn’t really figure out what any of them saw in each other. 

Now onto the plot. It was pretty transparent. I saw almost every twist coming ahead of time except for what happened in the Epilogue. 

Yada yada yada, Ciorstan ends up with Fidwen, the other two brothers leave the country in response, splitting it apart, yada yada yada, ten years later Selwyn comes back and kills Ciorstan and the gods curse Fidwen to live until he fixes what he and Ciorstan selfishly fucked up…i.e. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN IT. The end.

Ugh. Just ugh. Between the instalove, the love quadrangle and the transparency this clearly wasn’t for me.