Defect - Ryann Kerekes
This book is Delirium meets Shatter Me meets Divergent. No seriously. I got a quarter of the way through and that’s all it was, an amalgamation of the three with small “twists” to make it “unique”. 

The main character(Shit, I just stopped reading this and I have to look up her name now…that should tell you something. Ah, found it! Eve!) is a weakling who can’t seem to make up her mind and never stands up for herself and while I understand that she probably grows throughout the book, gains strength and maybe even learns how to kick some ass I just couldn’t force myself to join her on that journey. 

I couldn’t get into this book at all. Everything was, I got up, I followed him there, I flinched, I cried. I felt like an outside observer to a first person story. What was going on in her head? Why was she crying? What did she feel when that big dude punched her in the nose? DID IT HURT HER!? As the reader I should know the answers to these questions and sadly, I don’t. 

I almost stopped really early on. Picture this, someone tries to drown you. Another person (who is in charge of the first person) saves you. They then ask you if you are okay. The proper response here is not to nod deferentially and a little shyly. The proper response is to scream “No I’m not okay! What kind of stupid fucking question is that? That sociopath just tried to fucking DROWN me!” 

I also had several ‘What the fuck is she doing?’ moments where her behavior made zero sense to me. Like when she rips the race results from the wall (a race she finished last in) and yells, ‘Let’s go again!’ then begins to jump up and down (no I'm not exaggerating, she really does this) like she’s a five year old with ADD. Is that suppose to prove her toughness? I didn't get tough from that, I got deranged. 

Still, I forced myself to push on. My perseverance lasted until I got about a quarter of the way through, when the “hero” shows the MC how to use a taser, complete with hip touching, heart racing and heavy breathing.