Rapture's Edge

Rapture's Edge - J.T. Geissinger
Mind? Blown. Neurons? Fried. Synapses? Shredded. Medulla? Oblongata’d. 

This is not a paranormal romance. This needs its own subgenre. 

Rapture’s Edge, I dub thee Queen of the Paranormal International Thriller.”

“Arise fair queen and run away from that creepy dude in the McDonalds crown.”

Okay, in all seriousness, reading this book was like watching an action movie. There were art heists, fight clubs, car chases, prison breaks, secret societies, mad scientists, torture chambers, assassins, gun fights, a kick ass heroine, a bad ass hero and villains so evil they made my frigging skin crawl. 

Though this is the third in a series, it can absolutely stand on its own. I haven’t read the others (YET!) and I never once felt overwhelmed or lost in this beautiful, mysterious, tumultuous world that Geissinger has built. 

Our main character is an Ilkati princess named Eliana. She’s a cat shifter and comes with a whole slew of powers to include super speed, super strength and a type of shadow melding that makes her damn near invisible. You know what the best thing about her is? She wasn’t given all these awesome powers just to be crippled by stupidity like so many other potentially bad ass heroines I’ve had the misfortune to read about. She’s the real frigging deal people. 

At the beginning of the book she thinks my our hero Demetrius did something terrible. Something unforgivable. She and her ragtag crew of exiles have been hiding from him and his brothers for three years and in that time they've also been fed lies by the very men they’ve sworn to follow. 

Enter Caesar, Eliana’s brother. 

I’ll do it!

No really. This guy? Biggest. Douche. EVAAAAAAR. He’s one sick, twisted son of a bitch. I can’t even get into HOW sick he is because a) it’d be spoilersville and b) I might vomit if I have to think about him for longer than five seconds. 

Then there’s Silas, the man pulling the strings behind the scenes, manipulating the Ilkati exiles into doing his bidding all while planning and plotting out his scenario for world domination. See above gif. Replace the name Caesar with Silas. Sentiment applies for him too. The douche. 

But let’s focus on something more positive shall we? Like Demetrius. Here’s Eliana seeing him for the first time in three years:

“There at the end of the long corridor stood a hulking dark figure, impossibly huge, face in shadow, silhouetted by a wash of weak yellow light from the emergency lamps behind him. Booted feet spread wide, hands flexed open at his sides, enormous, muscled frame almost entirely blocking the open doorway to the connecting corridor from which he'd emerged.”

This little snippet serves two purposes. One, it demonstrates the badassery of my our hero. Two, it demonstrates the incredible writing. The whole book is like this. I had to stop myself on numerous occasions from spamming updates of quote after quote after quote. 

So what do you get when you take two incredibly strong people with dominant personalities, years of pent up love-sick angst, mind blowing revelations and…alone time? 

Aaaaaaand there went your ovaries. 

Follow this up with some more evil bad guys, some insane action and… damn, can’t say much else without giving too much away. Best part about this book? The way everything plays out. 

*grins evilly* 

Verdict? Best Paranormal International Thriller ever. Actually, favorite “Paranormal Romance” too. Now if you'll excuse me I must go buy everything Geissinger's ever written.