Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame  - Kit Rocha
*Warning: This review is probably not at all suitable for youngins*

How the hell am I supposed to rate this? Four stars? One star? Fucked if I know! I’m leaving it as three for now until I can sort out my feelings. 

Here’s the thing, I don’t have a submissive bone in my entire body. If some guy whipped out his dick and told me, in all seriousness, to suck it, I would likely unzip my pants, stick my index finger through my zipper and tell him “You first”. 

Either that or throat punch him.

I’m also a jealous, selfish bitch. I don’t like to share and if sex is on the table, you better believe I want to be the center of my partner’s attention. That said, group sex obviously isn’t something I’d ever consider in real life. Plus, come on, all those elbows? Someone’s bound to take one to the nose and then there goes the mood. 

And don’t get me started on how I feel about men objectifying women or women abasing themselves for men or women making out with other women to try and attract a man’s attention. That shit makes me want to cut someone. 

When you take all these things into account, I shouldn’t have liked this book. I should have hated it really. But the thing is, I don’t judge other people for their preferences and I figure if whatever you’re doing is consensual and no one’s getting hurt, more power to you. That’s the kicker with this book. Everything is consensual. And that’s a-okay. 

What I was not okay with was that it was still ALL. ABOUT. THE. MEN. What pissed me off to no fucking end was that they were the ones that got head just for existing and women got it as a fucking reward. Do you know how many times someone said the word please? 35. And most of those were in sentences like this:

“Please let me come.” Or some equal derivative centered around begging for release. 

Ex-fucking-scuse me? More like, GTFO buddy! Out of me, out of the room, out of my life. Who the fuck are all these women? And I do mean ALL of them because in this dystopian setting apparently every single woman is perfectly fine with BELONGING to a man. They even tattoo collars around women’s necks as a sign of OWNERSHIP. Do men have collars? 

*epic eyetwitch*

For the most part, it does NOT go both ways. Oh sure, a few times a random side character made a remark hinting that it might but that’s a fucking myth. I never really SAW that it went both ways. All I SAW was a bunch of tough-as-nails gang members getting blown by the women they ‘protect’. 

Not only that but this MC, Noelle, is basically Ana from FSoG with a viable excuse for her doe-eyed innocence. She was cloistered all her life and got kicked out Eden, the alleged Utopia she was raised in, for fornicating. Not a shock when you get a quarter of the way into the book and realize she’s basically a clit with legs. 

Seriously. I don’t think there’s a single scene in this entire book that she doesn’t at least think about sex. She comes on command, is soaking wet if a guy even looks at her sideways and wants said guys to do dirty, dirty things to her. Constantly. This chick is so Down to Fuck that I don’t know a goddamn thing about her other than her sexual preferences. FYI, that’s everything. And I really do mean EVERYTHING. 75% of this book is one giant orgy. I pretty much expected that going into this though and if you do too and treat it like a fantasy, you should be fine. Hell, if the book’s doing its job, you should bebetter than fine. 

*waggles eyebrows*

You’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to handle it after reading the above. And you probably want to know just how hardcore this is if you’re considering picking it up. Instead of listing what IS in this book, maybe I should list what ISN’T as that will be easier for you.

1. Beastiality 
2. Rape
3. ………

Um, that should give you a pretty good idea. 

Okay so all of this makes it sound like I hated this book and at times I got pretty close to that. But for fuck’s sake I couldn’t put the damn thing down to save my life and for the most part…I LIKED IT?!?!?!