Dangerous - Jacquelyn Frank

I haven’t rage-quit the PR subgenre because when they work for me, they really work. The sad thing is that lately, more and more of them just don’t. I can’t comprehend why people keep writing the same damn book over and over again with slight “twists” to make them “unique”. It’s maddening.

This book had potential, it really did. The world that JAX was building was unique enough that I wanted to know more about it. What kind of creature is a Morphate? By the sound of it one would deduce it’s some kind of shifter but they drink blood so…vampire? Some sort of weird hybrid maybe? That sounds pretty nifty, tell me more!

*60 pages later*

Um…or don’t.

Here’s a summation of my reading notes:
• WTF is going on, what is this training exercise for?
• Ooh, male lead seems to have his head on his shoulders
• NVM no he doesn’t, he just met the female lead
• Detailed description of the female lead
• Um…why did she just touch his crotch?
• Detailed description of male lead
• Infodump
• Mysterious allusions as to what the female lead is
• 9 page infodump
• Detailed description of male lead
• Detailed description of female lead
• Dinner date

I don’t mind slow builds a lot of the time but FFS can’t something actually happen? Too many repetitive descriptions and my mind begins to go to strange places.

Besides the fact that nothing happened my eyes snagged on a few pieces of…huh? Here are a few examples.

“Here’s how I see this, Spencer,” he said negligently.


“She had a mobile mouth…”

*pictures a cackling mouth running away on a pair of legs*

And then we have the usual tropes. The male lead is over 6’4”, muscle bound and stone cold…until he meets our female lead of course. The female lead is gorgeous, sensual, and somehow doesn’t realize that wearing see-through clothes is provocative. They are the exception to each other’s rules, drawn to each other but can’t be together because of reasons and then go on to obsess over each other in excruciatingly long inner monologues.

So, I can’t. If something had actually happened, if the story hadn’t dragged, the information I was given wasn’t repetitive or if there had been fewer tropes, I think I could have liked this one. If you haven’t read one too many PRs or are in the mood for a slow build filled with nothing but sexual tension you’ll probably be fine reading this. Sadly, it just couldn’t hold my interest.


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