I Haz a Rage.

This Man  - Jodi Ellen Malpas
Things you would probably enjoy more than reading this piece of shiterature:
  • Letting Hannibal Lecter give you your yearly pap smear.
  • Euthanizing your favorite pet.
  • Allowing your best friend to run over your foot with their car.
  • Contracting MRSA.
  • Watching every single episode of Guiding Light.
Some of the wonderful messages in the first 50 pages of this book:
  • Big black men should be treated as potential rapists. Distrust them on sight.
  • Gay men are promiscuous and frivolous. They also have tunable “levels of gayness”.
  • All women that aren’t known to you are sluts, bitches, and are NEVER to be trusted.
  • Stalking is hawt if the guy doing it is hawt.
  • Abuse isn’t abuse. It’s a trigger for pantysplosions.  
  • Either your vagina works or your brain does. “Neither can live while the other survives.”
In all seriousness, I think it’s time for another PSA. Don’t worry, I’ll make this one short. 
I keep reading these incredibly strong female characters written by men. These women know who they are. They’re proud of their femininity. They know what they want, can hold their own in almost every situation and don’t need a man to “save them”, lead them around like a lost puppy, or tell them their self-worth. Not only that, they go after what they want. They’re confident, are strong in their opinions and are willing to stick up for themselves and their beliefs.. They don’t slut shame, they don’t hate other women on sight and they’re not plagued by self-doubt. 
Then I read a modern romance written by a woman and I get a fucking sponge for a female lead. She has no spine, no brain and is basically a porous receptacle, good for nothing but absorbing copious amounts of the male lead's sperm. 
I’m wondering, are these male authors writing their female ideal? If so, hell yeah. But what the fuck are these female authors writing? Are they writing what they know? Are they merely spouting everything that society has taught them? Do they even realize it? 
I was about to actually start researching this but a mere Google of “Women’s self-esteem” returned over 7 million results. Holy shit. Nope, not going down that rabbit hole. Go check it out yourself and you might start to understand why this type of book keeps getting written over and over and over again.
One more question, and this is a serious one. Why are books like this so popular?
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