Moon Cutters - Janet Woods
Man, writing ‘meh’ reviews is the worst. Mostly because I feel so uninspired. 
This book had potential, it really did. It had an intriguing premise, a spooky setting and a lot of political intrigue that centered on the smuggling community it was based in. It was also well written and well researched. But for the life of me I couldn’t bring myself to really care about any of the characters. 
The female lead, Miranda, seemed to have the personality of a wet blanket, her little sister was a petulant brat, the man that saved them and took them in was a total creeper and the male love interest was boring. 
Add in some casual misogyny that, though it was fitting of the times, still managed to piss me off to no end, some literal, completely inappropriate, and ill handled bodice-ripping, and insta-love which was declared at the second meeting between the male and female leads, and this book is just not for me. 
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