Remy  - Katy Evans


That’s this book in a nutshell. A few hundred and how many ever pages too many of Remy imagining his dick on, in, and around Brooke.

And let’s not forget his weird obsession with semen play.



If you’re looking for an interesting twist on the first story, you’ll be disappointed. This is pretty much the EXACT same book as Real. Almost every piece of dialogue is reused and almost nothing is added EXCEPT FOR REMY’S INANE, REPETITIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT WHAT HE WANTS TO DO TO BROOKE.

No, I’m not exaggerating.


Some of the “fine examples”:

“Makes me want to throw the door down and kiss the hell out of her.”
“I want her and I’m going to have her.”
“I want to make her mine.”
“I want to smell the fuck out of her…”
“I want the joy of looking at her and touching her and I want. To make. Her. Mine.”
“…my body wants to cup her hips and draw her into me so I can scent her more.”
“…I want to reach the very core of her being before she’s mine.”
“I stare at the top of her head and want to bury my nose in all that dark hair and sniff her until the worlds ends.”
“I want her to smell me...”
“I want her.”
<-- this little gem is used nearly 100 times. O_O

I’m not even going to post all the WTFery in the form of awkward sentence construction and strange visuals other to say that even though this book was allegedly edited it read a lot like the first and left me with the distinct impression that any book written by Evans needs more than one editor because of reasons.