Maybe it's me?

Raphael - D.B. Reynolds

You ever find yourself reading a book and all you can think about is how you’re pretty sure you should give a fuck? You keep reading because maybe on the next page you’ll find that fuck you should give. Perhaps it'll be on the next page…nope…the page after that…nope…the page after that…nope…fifty more pages and still no fucks have been found.

Le sigh.

It’s frustrating because you’re pretty sure that the book isn’t a bad book and so you stubbornly read on even when it isn’t working for you because you keep hoping that something will click and you’ll become engaged in the story. But then maybe your mind begins to drift and something distracts you, like, for instance, when you open your web browser and start searching for a gif to use during a status update.

20 minutes later…
Ooh look, sleepy kittehs! Awwww…

20 minutes later…
OMG dogs are so dumb sometimes! LOOOL!

Another two and a half hours pass and you’re watching Susan Boyle’s Britain’s Got Talent audition and ugly crying into your pillow when suddenly you wonder how the hell you got there.

Yeah, that.