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Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle

Perry's utter lack of self esteem is driving me bugfuck again. Especially when I read passages like the following and know it's all in her head. What's worse is that SHE seems to know it's all in her head and does nothing to fucking fix it.


"I knew I wasn't as bad as my ego wanted me to believe. When I called myself fat, I knew I wasn't actually fat anymore (though I definitely was back in the day), I just knew I was miles from perfect. And if I wasn't perfect, like Jenn, like these girls stripping, like the women on TV, then what was the point? I might as well give up."


"Honestly kiddo? You're beautiful. You use your weight as an excuse but you're just all woman. Not every woman has to look like a stripper. Or a model. Or Megan Fox. You're petite, have a tiny waist, a fantastic rack, a devastating ass...what the hell more do you want?"


Nothing like the "I'm so gorgeous but don't know it" theme to ruin an otherwise enjoyable book.