WTB some self-esteem

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle

I feel like it’s one step forward and two steps back with this series. I didn’t like the first, really enjoyed the second, and was pissed off for the entire first half of this one. My main gripe is with Perry. I thought she’d calmed down with the self-hatred because it was blessedly absent in the last installment. Not so much in this one.

The kicker is finding out that it’s just a trope after all. You know, the one where the MC thinks she’s hideous when really she’s gawg? Yeah, that one.

“I knew I wasn’t as bad as my ego wanted me to believe. When I called myself fat, I knew I wasn’t actually fat anymore (though I definitely was back in the day), I just knew I was miles from perfect. And if I wasn’t perfect, like Jenn, like these girls stripping, like the women on TV, then what was the point? I might as well give up.”

I don’t know what’s worse, that she’s completely brainwashed by society, that she thinks she should give up because she’s not “perfect”, or that she recognizes how fucked up her total lack of self-esteem is and does NOTHING to fix it.

And then we have an outsider’s opinion of her:

“Honestly kiddo? You’re beautiful. You use your weight as an excuse but you’re just all woman. Not every woman has to look like a stripper. Or a model. Or Megan Fox. You’re petite, have a tiny waist, a fantastic rack, a devastating ass…what the hell more do you want?”

Aaaaaand this is the point where I lose all patience with Perry. You’re telling me that I’ve had to listen to you bitch and moan about your appearance for three books and you’re actually fucking gorgeous? Oh and you’re going to CONTINUE to bitch and moan?


Every time after this that she brought up her weight, that she brought up her looks, that she obsessed about what people were saying about her on the blog for their internet show, my eyes rolled. It happened enough that I’m lucky they’re still in my head.

There were other aspects that kept this from getting a higher rating from me, namely Dex’s skeeziness, him and Perry’s weird relationship angst, and their utter lack of survival instincts. I really don’t have the energy to bitch about them all. FFS, the book doesn’t even get going until over half way in.

But man was it a creepfest from that point forward. For this reason alone I’m giving the book three stars. Bottom line? I would have preferred more scares and less personal drama.