Good, not great.

Antigoddess - Kendare Blake

This book is decent. But it’s not great. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of people will enjoy it. Hell, I enjoyed most of it. It just didn’t blow my mind. I do see potential in the series so I plan on continuing with it, but…


I just wanted more. The mythology was handled well but it focused on gods that I’ve never really given that many fucks about. Athena? Hermes? Really? Where’s that warmongering bastard Ares? If the gods are fighting for their lives I’d think he’d be the one leading them into that final battle against death. And speaking of death, where’s my favorite god of them all? 

The gods that were depicted were just as complicated as I’d hoped they would be, but because they’re not exactly relatable as characters, it left me feeling detached from them and their storylines. This story does contain a pretty neat twist on the idea of gods still walking among us but it’s not exactly original. In fact, it reminded me a lot of American Gods, which I enjoyed much better than this. 

I guess that my biggest complaint is that this entire book felt like a set up for the rest of the series. There was so much time spent on relating the character’s histories that not much really happened until the climax. Speaking of which, it was drawn out, and filled with TSTL moments from both mortals and gods alike. There were also some plot holes within it but I’m not going to bring them up as they’d all be spoilers and I just don’t really have the energy. 

Bottom line is that I still think this series is worth giving a try if you have an interest in Greek mythology in YA stories.