The Ultimate Troll

In case anyone was wondering how I spent my afternoon, I'll give you five guesses:


a) Working (because I love my job)

b) Working (because I really should)

c) Working (because I'm an adult and that's what's expected of me)

d) Working (because I'd like to continue to make my mortgage payments on time, my car payments, my credit card payments, and still put money in my 401k and in savings because I don't want to try and live off social security alone because I've seen how poorly that worked out for my one grandmother (the one on my mother's side, not the one on my dad's, she invested wisely in her youth and is now sitting pretty))

e) Reading everything David Thorne has ever posted on his website


If you answered e, you're correct! Anyways, I know we bitch and moan about BBAs all the time, and for a while I've been of the opinion that it is never wise for an author to engage a reader about their negative opinion of their book.


I've changed my mind.